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From the summer of , when enough US medium tanks had been received, the British usually kept Stuarts out of tank-to-tank combat, using them primarily for reconnaissance. The turret was removed from some examples to save weight and improve speed and range. These became known as "Stuart Recce". Some others were converted to armored personnel carriers and were known as "Stuart Kangaroo", and some were converted command vehicles and known as "Stuart Command".

M3s, M3A3s, and M5s continued in British service until the end of the war, but British units had a smaller proportion of these light tanks than US units. The other major Lend-Lease recipient of the M3, the Soviet Union, was even less happy with the tank, considering it undergunned, underarmored, likely to catch fire, and too sensitive to fuel quality.

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The narrow tracks were highly unsuited to operation in winter conditions, as they resulted in high ground pressures under which the tank sank into the snow. Further, the M3's radial aircraft engine required high-octane fuel, which complicated Soviet logistics as most of their tanks used diesel.

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However, the M3 was superior to early-war Soviet light tanks such as the T, which were often underpowered and possessed even lighter armament than the Stuart. In , the Red Army tried out the M5 and decided that the upgraded design was not much better than the M3. If you select a M5 Stuart, and your buddy jumps in his M3 Lee, you could end up dragging him up to a tier 7 match. These became known as "Stuart Recce".

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Being less desperate than inthe Soviets turned down an American offer to supply the M5. The prop shaft connecting the two ran through the middle of the fighting compartment.

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Stuart and was used for both the M3 and the derivative M5 Light Tank. To relieve the demand for the radial airplane engines used in the M3, a new version was developed using twin Cadillac V-8 automobile engines and a Hydra-Matic transmission.

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LT Morin maneuvered his Stuart off the road, but took a direct hit while doing so, and his tank began to burn. M3 stuart matchmaking, m3 light - global wiki. M5 Stuart Tier Level bug? Nigeria christian dating site Hook up wood stove Has online dating increased Vanessa kirby dating douglas booth Best dating series Dating and mate selection ppt Large friends dating site Baby boomer dating guru Dating website mississauga U dating limitations Muslim online dating australia Ano ang dating pamagat ng lupang hinirang. Hi guys I recently start my career as tanker and now I'm wondering how does the matchmaking work?

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If I use light armor will I be matched against light armor tanks or it is random? In staged, you will always get matched versus the same class lights vs lights, heavy vs heavy. Because they both basically perform equally, You'll often find Tank destroyers and Medium tanks available in the same match. In war, it all depends on which assault teams have been sent in by generals.

Straight Outta Supertest – Reworked M5 Stuart

Here you might encounter heavy tanks tanks while driving your light. War mode should be avoided as a tanker in general, especially if you are new to tanking. Thank you for your answer. I'm thinking about getting medium armor tank as US and playing with it for fun. What about M4A3E8 Sherman? I was thinking about to grind it with M2A2. Its kinda hard, so far I've managed to reached rank 6 but I need 4 more. E8 is if you're willing to take the risk against Panzers.

US dominates the light tank class with the chaffee, which can hold it's own against any tank in the game. Expensive tank to spawn, recommend getting this after you get good at tanking can get a 3 KD or better in staged matches. Mediums, Germany dominates this class with the panther. E8s are outclassed in every way by the panther, so usually you'd want to spawn tank destroyers like the hellcat to at least have some advantage speed, camo, low engine noise over the panther.

Tank Destroyers are all about US, with M10 having high damage cannon, a traversable turret, as well as decent armor. Hellcat is a fast tank, hellcat and the chaffee are debatably the best in the game. Heavies, the sherman jumbo has bugged frontal armor, so it's almost as good as the Tiger II, but lower health and lower cannon damage than most heavies.