Not dating until 30

Idk if this helps you, but my problem was mentality. I started trying have a genuine good time with the girl, it makes the difference. Instead of trying to impress or shit like that, I just hang out, try to know the person, and have some fun. Really changed things for me. I guess my other problem is that finding a girl to have a genuine good time with is kind of hard for me.

Yea, thats a big one. But, then again, alot of girls take a while to show their playful side. One more reason to try to enjoy each date to the fullest, at least youll come out with a good memory, or a good friend. That's just cuz dudes are more likely to make the first move or directly hit on you.

It attracts both but you will only notice the gay guys past a certain point, a lot of women are too shy to approach if you're attractive enough. I struggled with maintaining my physical fitness for a few years after I got out of the army. I have a short attention span, so I've always found lifting boring. Then I found Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and staying in shape could not be more fun and easy. I've also made a ton of friends doing it. As a girl, I gotta say one of the worst things is when guys just try to impress you.

My best experiences have been with people who were just themselves. People who weren't trying to win me over by boasting, bragging, or talking non-stop about themselves and their accomplishments. No, but seriously, this is something us men need to understand fast, because it's done out of fear of disinterest. I would feel much more comfortable if a guy approached me and said hey let's hang out in a comfortable manner and not try to win me over in a date type scenario. I always tell people look at me as if I'm one of your guy friends tell me jokes let's find similar topics to talk about let's learn about each other instead of trying to see how good the date goes and end with a kiss.

I always hope guys can take the pressure off themselves and just learn that we aren't scary creatures we just don't want to be pounced on every minute. Fun is subjective my friend. If you're idea of fun is not getting in"salt"ed then you'll be fine. Oh no, thats not what I meant, you should try enjoy the date. When you try to have a good time yourself, the other normally feels the same. You may never see this person again, might as well make It a good memory for yourself. Thats not to say you shouldnt care for the other person, the date is about getting to know each other.

And dont put yourself down! Being yourself is way more of a personality, than forcing excitement, acting more interesting than you actually are. You dont have to worry about that ;! This is super, super key. I find I have trouble wording thing sometimes. My issues with dating were that I wasn't really good at making friends, as soon as I worked on making friends in a non romantic setting dating got way easier.

Usually, most dates feel wrong and awkward because they are. I think the biggest problem is initally men date women they think they are attacted to, and it takes a few tries to actually know what women you actually are attracted to. It is really hard to ask out girls who you don't jive with, but many times they may actually say yes, you go on a date, and it is terrible. It is not you, it is that one, or both of you may be a little desperate, so you'll give it a shot, or simply throwing caution to the wind.

It is really normal too. You know immediately when they get more irritated as the date goes on, but if you're inexperienced you're really not prepared to deal with it. It usually ends pretty bad if you're not lucky, but realistically it is a food thing for your, "dating career.

It takes a few tries, takes even more to learn to relax and, "go through the motions,". When it is right it feels very natural. Having female friends help, and I wouldn't be afraid to ask them or talk to them about it. A lot times your going to be just hanging out. Not always doing extravagant things or relationship type things. Just being two people spending time together. I think that approaching relationships from a romantic perspective might have been my problem.

The last girl I was romantically interested in just wanted to be friends but she never actually told me that she wanted that so it left me confused. It kept me on the hook for a while until I finally realized what was going on. I made my intentions clear but she never directly communicated or responded to those intentions and I really wish she had.

There is no real foundation for the relationship if there isn't that bottom layer of friendship and wanting to have the person around. No different than any other friends really. That was a feature, not a bug. She wanted to keep you on the shelf as an emotional tampon she could use and dispose of.

Your attention was a huge ego boost for her and she got away with it without giving anything back. The truth is I'll never want to 'get into dating'. But I do want to find a wife and get married and maybe have a family. Sooner or later if I want these experiences I'm going to have to bite the bullet and start dating. I just don't think I'll ever truly enjoy it. Omg that's how I feel.

Christelyn Karazin: 20's, 30's, Never Dated? The ONE Thing You MUST Do FIRST

I never had a bf and I've only ever been one one date and gotten one kiss. But like I just don't feel like doing all the dating stuff but I do want to get married and have children. No I just have the unrealistic expectation that without dating I will find a husband and that we will have a mutually loving and respectful relationship.

And we will have 2. We will have a maid and a gardener. And we will travel around the world and do cool outdoors stuff like go hiking to national and state parks. I don't think want for sex should be the only reason - there's fwbs, tinder, etc for that. Sex is amazing and super fun.


If your sex drive pushes you to date, then good for you! Be open with your potential partners so that you can make sure that you're both on the same page. I didn't start dating till after university. I graduated with my degree, got a good job, and then focused on finding someone to share it with that took a few years to great success and It has worked out perfectly for the past 7 years. You can't live your life to everyone elses time lines. I'm 26, I didn't graduate from my engineering program till I was I only started dating last fall after my friends convinced me to use dating apps coffee meets bagel, bumble, tinder.

I'm pretty introverted and soft spoken myself so I definitely struggled on the first couple dates. Don't expect things to be perfect. Don't be too hard on yourself mentally for screwing up. Everyone has to start somewhere so use it as a learning curve. I was 29 when I started "officially" dating though I'd gone out for coffee or whatever with folks since I was a teenager , and the first few years of it sucked.

It's the kind of stable, low-drama relationship I'd always wanted. My sense is that going through a lot of breakups early in life trains you for some things, and being long-term single early in life trains you for others. Personally, I'm grateful that I didn't date until I did. I don't believe I would have made a good partner.

I don't really have any regrets. This was the right outcome for me. But I also root for people who marry their high school sweetheart at As David Crosby put it, there are a thousand roads up this mountain.

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My advice to someone who starts dating over If the person you're dating isn't obviously a good fit, keep it moving until you find someone who is. It should never feel like work. And stay kind, always. I'll be honest, all dating feels like work. I don't know how to have fun if another person is involved. But once you get comfortable with someone, it suddenly becomes great. You can be gross, laugh at farts, binge watch tv shows, try out new things with a built in partner to join you, and it's just really comfortable and fun.

I was very good-looking in high school and had a few girls who had crushes on me. But I was insecure and painfully shy when it came to romance. Even if I liked them back, I couldn't make my feelings known. More than friends was hard, even if the only outcome was success. I kinda had kinda sorta barely fleeting relationships that I fell into. I did have sex once, though. After high school was kinda the same. Except I suffered from clinical depression and got fat. So I wasn't the most desirable. I also developed a bad case of nice guy syndrome.

I became lonely and started thinking the cure to my situation was a relationship and not professional help. Eventually I met a Chinese girl online. We met in person a few times. I ignored all red flags because I was mentally unstable. She ended up being just as mentally unstable, couldn't adapt to America, refused to work, was incredibly controlling. Just an awful marriage that ruined my life for a time. I'm in the middle of a divorce that I initiated way too late. That marriage set me back 3 years and thousands of dollars. I would strongly recommend taking relationships slow and pay attention to those red flags.

I predict years before I feel okay enough to date again. I wasted my 20's dating period and I feel bad about it. After my terrible marriage I keep thinking about my high school days and if I had just asked some more girls out, maybe my life would be better today. That's unhealthy thinking, but I just feel so psychologically wrecked.

Sorry to hear that: Hopefully you can use those experiences and lessons you learned to find the girl that'll make you happy for the rest of your life. I'm in therapy, so hopefully when I meet the right girl, I'll be stronger and healthier mentally and emotionally. I was 27 when I got started with actual dating, and being that far behind was a constant problem. Hope it goes better for you. Sorry to hear that. Based on these other replies there seems to be hope though for people like us so keep strong! It doesn't matter if I find a mate. I'm fairly certain that it's not too late, but I'm in no rush because I believe in fate.

If you can talk like this on the spot, you'll get someone to take interest in you and to give it a shot. That might be true, though it's hard to say. Talents seem to shift, day by day. When indeed I find such women, they usually say: It's most commonly seen or felt when people leave me alone. Notice body language queues, her current state of mind. It helps a lot, seeing people from behind. No offense to Mr. RhymesAlot but I think thats the last thing you should do if you want to find someone to date.

Unless youre still in high school in which case, rhyme away. Not to dissuade you from anything but be careful with that idea. Believing in fate can be hopeful but you have to put yourself out there as well. One must remember a thing about fate: We often say, "I need to act now, before it's too late! I want my life to turn out to be great!

But, the truth is that what we want just wasn't meant to be, and try as we might, we fail to see, that it was never about all of us, being happy and free. It was about "what I wanted. Ah, I see, your getting better then! I could have sworn, with a glance, you seemed like a veteran. Thank you very much. I'm honored that you think that. I suppose it makes this one less thing that I stink at. I didn't really date until after college. I met my wife at church in and we dated for a little bit until she moved away for medical school and ended the relationship. We started talking again in and got married in I can honestly say that all 3 of the girls I dated during that time had way too much stuff going on in their lives and dating them was just too complicated for me.

One girl liked to argue for no reason at all, I think due to her home life she may have thought it was normal to start fights or something. I really didn't inquire too much into it, it got old so quick I stopped asking her out pretty quickly. The next went on 2 dates then told me she didn't want to date me anymore, which I did respect her for being upfront about it.

Men who didn't start dating until later in life, how did things turn out? : AskMen

The third was alergic to corn, she dumped me. I was happy about that since it was really hard to cook for her since corn is in almost everything. There were no major red flags with her besides the corn thing. My wife and I are both 39 now, have good careers and are looking at probably adopting a kid or two. Looking back I don't regret anything, but I do wish I hadn't dated those other people because it was a huge waste of time and it was pretty stressful on me.

I cannot say that things could be better, but I'm glad I'm not in the situation that some of my coworkers are in, where they have been in a failed marriage or two and have child support payments to deal with because of it. I come from a large family and having kids wasn't a huge priority to me when I was in my 20s. I was more worried about being financialy stable.

We weren't poor growing up, but my parents were pretty close to it. There are a lot of interesting people out there. Also ask questions, people love to talk about themselves. Most of all don't get in a rush, if you get a bad vibe about someone, don't continue to be involved with them. This corn thing must be American because corn is in almost nothing in Europe, pretty much limited to Cheetos and cornflakes. Government subsidizes corn for various reasons and it leads to corn products being much cheaper than alternatives.

That's why we've got corn syrup, meal, and flour in everything. We also let companies do things like sell beef stew or whatever made up of primarily "textured flavored X protein" and similar fakery. Its possible that those experiences shaped you and led you on the path to your wife, so maybe its a blessing in disguise. I didn't start dating until I was about My experience is with online dating, so I will focus on that whole process.

I was just romantically lonely, and wanted to have those experiences that seemed so fulfilling that came from a relationship. Dating is a pain, but if you find someone that likes you, and you feel the same way, then it's all worth it. It helps that I live in an area with a diverse population, and lots of single women DC. I just started throwing out messages left and right. Most of them I never got a response on. You build up a thicker skin in time. I learned to treat it as a numbers game- the more messages I sent out, the more likely I was to get a response, converse, and potentially get a date.

I went on a few dates, I was down for more with all of them, but they didn't feel the same about me. That's okay, it's their loss. Some were after several dates, though, so I took solace in that. Eventually, I found my current girlfriend on CMB. We didn't meet up for dinner or drinks, as I had with other dates. We did other stuff. Our first date was meeting up in Harper's Ferry, WV We both have Master's degrees in history- her in art history, specifically. We walked about the town, perused some of the historical sites, and walked down the rivers.

I didn't know that she would become my gf then, but I wanted to see her again. Our second date was mini golf- and we had a great time. I got to see her competitive side, which I thought was amusing, as I am very non-competitive. Our third date was a North Korean art exhibition. Which was really interesting, and I got to see my gf in her element.

And by that point, we had a thing going. The only thing you can really do is keep at it, and note what works and what doesn't for you. Getting no responses this week? Change up your messaging style for a little bit. Take some new pictures. Maybe lower your expectations for a while? Or take a break. The process is repetitive, and you're dealing with numbers in online dating, so you have to break up any stagnation that may be setting in. The other thing is that once you get a date, you should be focused on having fun.

Because nothing is more discouraging to the process of dating than going on a date and having a shitty time. It won't end well for anyone. If you're having fun, then odds are whoever you are seeing will want to see more of you, because- hey, you're a fun guy! It just takes the right scenario for you to bring that out. I wish you the best of luck. A partner will not inherently bring you happiness, but love and companionship are natural for us. And I hope you find yours. Glad that you got a gf.

I guess online dating really changes the whole game into a numbers game where you don't need to settle anymore as much as you did back in the day. That would be a great primer for dating and starting a relationship. Start making friends with people at work, clubs, neighborhood, coffee shop, bars, restaurants. Even if you can't date someone who's an immediate contact, they'll invite you to events and introduce you to people.

Even fewer single females. The town I live in is also known heavily for its retiree population. I've been hear for 2. Didn't date until 33 for personal reasons but met my wife and dated about 9 months before proposing. Before her, I only went on a few dates. I was surrounded by girls but I just knew there was no chemistry and that it wouldn't work. The older I got the easier it was to figure out if someone I dated was marriage potential. My wife made it super easy. I'm 35 now with a newborn. Jeebus so much this. An engineering school I know not mine had "the rule" about women.

Ha, I've heard that one too. Of course it was just the women who said that so I didn't hear it too often nyuck nyuck. Knew a very attractive girl in my engineering program. Let's just say she had no problem finding help with homework. I'm 18 and going to uni for engineering the uni's speciality in September. Looks like I'm in for the long game now.

Ask girls you find attractive and have some small connection with if they want to go on a date. The sooner you start the less nerve wracking it'll be later on. Get someone to go shopping with you and pick out some nice clothes that suit you. Go to the gym. Both of these will help your confidence. Dating is about being the right person at the right time. Last week I met a girl at a adhoc pizza place.

Had eye contact, she came and said hi. Things ended up really nice. So, from my experience, as I did mention, it is about being the right person at the right time: I'm not doubting that its all about timing, but you probably are pretty above average looks wise, because even men I consider attractive don't get approached at random. He could also just look approachable.

I get randomly approached by women a great deal, more often non-romantic than not mind you, and it's because I'm usually smiling and appear friendly rather than being pretty above average physically. I did say probably in that quotation. You can be both approachable and attractive as well, which would lead to some sort of relationship, which was implied to happen in the original post. The only reason I ask for a picture is because I think for both men and women, getting advice from people who are not around 'average' is not useful to most people.

If you look like a model you will have a vastly different dating experience than someone who is average or below average. I think what you call average can give you a more clear picture as to what it really is. A person, who is attractive or a model or whatever you deem desirable, will give you experiences that are based on genetics and not organic situations created from personality or compatibility. You can not replicate or relate to what people find physically attractive unless you already are.

I am not a sociologist or sexual psychologist or even highly experienced in dating, but from my observations most people tend to form relationships with people who are similarly attractive, yet at my age I see a few unattractive couples, a good amount of average couples and most attractive people are in a relationship or are pretty sexually active. These observations lead me to believe that people want to be in relationships with attractive people, and even if they are unattractive themselves are less likely to settle into a relationship.

To me this indicates a minimum attraction barrier, meaning once you reach a certain level of attractiveness you are far more likely to just 'accidentally' fall into a relationship. Therefore if you have not reached this attraction barrier, you will have to be more aggressive in dating than someone past the barrier, if you are a very attractive person relationships become easy mode.

If you are unattractive, other unattractive people still don't want to date other unattractive people, relationships are hard. I'd agree with this. You can afford to pass up an option knowing another will come along the next month. For a guy lots of women are proactive in getting to know you and lots are DTF and fine just being a fk buddy or putting up with behavior they would complain about for men lower down the ranks. Casual sex is easy and subsequently relationships are easy if the person wants to convert to one.

If you are below the 'not too bad looking, above average' attraction level then you cant really just go with the flow and just rely on 'it will happen when you least expect' type approach, as you could easily stay single a long time, especially if you have a type in mind or want that instant amazing chemistry. The man will have to escalate things, flirt a little with any single women he likes, and try and force opportunities, and take a punt and ask single woman out even if they have not really hit it off with her.

Online dating for these men will be hard. A think a lot of women and decent looking men don't realize how its a fair bit to a lot harder for below average men. I didn't date till I was T'was homeschooled, went to a military college, and joined the military. I have always been introverted. I turned out ok. I get nervous in person, but when I am typing my hands just flow. It is easier to get the conversation going if you can do it from far away.

Don't go in with the intention of getting a GF or sex. The rest will work itself out in it's own time. Man, I can't knock your method but that sounds like an excellent way to put yourself in a friendzone. Well, I never went on a date in my life. To be honest I don't really get the concept Spending one on one time with a person you barley know while having high expectations in myself and the other person sounds like a nightmare to me.

All my previous relationships came from friendships that developed into more. All the advice I have to offer is try to get to know the people in your life men and women for what they are and don't try to date someone purely for sexual or superficial reasons?! Or something like that maybe And most importantly, don't stress yourself out about it: I started about my mid twenties and honestly have given up on the whole thing.

The ideas and goals I have, do not fall in line with those of the women I met. Stay true to your values and stuff, but be like an onion. Not everybody deserves to know what's deep inside. I only started really dating in college. You just have to put yourself out there and start going on dates! You'll have your f-ups and it won't go smoothly often in the beginning, but every date is a new learning experience. After a while, you'll realize the patterns and will get the hang of it.

I've recently finally met someone I truly click with and we're together now. There is hope at the end of the tunnel!

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  • Best of luck my brother! I didn't really start dating until I was 30, partly because I was too shy and insecure to try. To overcome the shyness I worked as a language teacher in Japan. I had a few bad experiences with dating and I had had enough. My focus became losing weight as I was quite obese and dating wasn't important. I managed to lose 20 kg 44lb? I was chatting with a woman online for the past few months, she was cute and we got along and eventually we decided to meet up.

    I wasn't looking for a relationship so spent time with her as a friend. We grew closer and started a relationship and now a few years later we are married and have just enjoyed the birth of our first child a few days ago. Sadly I rebounded and gained 15kg since then but I'd say my wife and son make up for it.

    Absolutely, I told one of my coworkers the same when he complained about being single at I hadn't long turned 31 when I met my wife. The year before I met her was tough but the weight loss helped me in the confidence section. I like stories like these. Sounds like everything worked out for you weight is something you can always change. Didn't start drinking and socialising until Prior to that I didn't really have any close friends let alone a romantic life.

    I consciously spent a year overcoming my social anxiety and turning into a social butterfly. Now my life is awesome. Every single aspect is better, including romance of course. People are just people.

    Don't idealize and idolize women. They're humans, and you'll only be setting yourself up for pain, disappointment, and bad relationships. If however, you can keep from doing that, you're probably going to avoid some of the early problems "normal" people have. I didn't start dating until after college. It's pretty shitty, not because I can't find a date, but because I can't find the quality of women I'm looking for.

    Dating and sex are both overrated in that respect, though as a late bloomer, I totally get the wanting to feel "normal" and all that. This whole thing is largely bullshit. Even though as I said, I can get dates now. The first time I went on a date, I think I was about your age.

    She asked me, actually. And then she asked some other friend of hers to come along I'm not sure why. It didn't really go anywhere. Then I thought I was asking a woman on a date when I was She didn't interpret it that way. Then I asked a few other women out on dates. Others told me on the dates that they weren't interested. Others were just weird and distant.

    Oh, and I was on OKCupid for a while and went on a few dates with random people through that, but never more than one with the same girl. All in all, I'd say it's been pretty shitty. I guess you were hoping for success stories, though. My boyfriend is 29 we started dating 4 months ago. Before me he had been single for 10 years. Which I do struggle to get my head around as I find him delightful. He said he was more focused on saving for a house than dating. He's also very shy, our first few dates he was really nervous and abit awkward but I could tell he was a diamond in the rough so I stuck it out and I am glad I did.

    We met at the pub after his friend was the greatest wing man ever. Wouldn't let him speak to me at all because drunk him would have messed up it, he doesn't even remember meeting me that night. I do believe it's a case of being in the right place at the right time. I had not long given up on dating and dating apps after a string of fuck boys and crazies. Then there he was. Haha I think it very well might be an engineering thing.

    Girls are heavily outnumbered by guys, and the workload and stress makes it difficult to date. Plus people who tend to think in the engineering mindset tend to get lost in their own world. Started dating when I was 24 late bloomer. Had 2 long term GFs the past 5 years and now single trying again.

    I didnt start dating until I was I didnt know about certain things which sucked. For example, I didnt know that you had to explicitly ask the girl if she wanted to be your girlfriend, so I was really hurt when I found out she was seeing other guys when we were not exclusive. Well I never knew it was that formal either so thanks for sharing that tidbit with me! Hopefully you found someone better! No idea how a girl can date, flirt with, lead on and fuck 5 guys for several months at a time but she "wasnt in the wrong" because I never asked her if we were exclusive IMO, the sooner you start trying the sooner you will get comfortable dating.

    It's a numbers game. The more you try the better your chances of Meeting someone you like. How you do depends on the opportunities you have. Do you have lots of friends trying to set you up? Try letting the set you up. Not trying to get set up? Even the place you work is a good place to meet potential dating candidates. Not into social stuff? Whatever opportunity presents itself.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    That said, some of my friends have done better than others. One guy let me set him up a couple times and his dating game improved. Other friends didn't let me set them up and they're still single. Some have narrow tastes, like being super Christian. Personally my friends and I meet the most people either through friends, hobbies, or work. One friend got married from a tinder date. I met my wife through work. Just work on meeting more people in life. Network, say hi, contribute to your social circle.

    You'll meet more people and some of them will be single girls that you can get along with. I dated and had girlfriends in high school and through my 20s so I'm not really who you were asking, but I wanted to answer as someone who has been through a lot of dates and realized something important. You need to know what you want to get out of this relationship. If your goals are short term physical then you want to be what someone is looking for, i.

    If you're looking to meet someone that you want to spend your life with, be yourself, be honest, tell them a joke that you think is funny. You're going to spend a lot of time with this person and you're not going to be able to keep up a charade. Also you want this person to love you for you. If you have a good job and are nice then you shouldn't have any trouble at all finding someone who is willing to spend time with you.

    It takes some really outstanding qualities to attract someone out of your league.

    Once you know what you want, just play the numbers game. Online dating is the new norm. If you want someone to have dinner with you, ask them out to dinner. If you had fun, ask them out again. That's just how it works. I was 30 when I actually started to date. I'm turning 32 in a couple months and have been with my girlfriend for just over a year. It's good, but not sure it's the forever thing, and I feel time pressing me. I wish I had more time to blow in dead end relationships. If it counts, I didn't really date until late in college I think it went alright, just lacked some experience in some areas.

    I do not think I was even very good at it until my mid 30s. I guess it worked out okay. I've met some interesting women in the last decade. But I would advise taking it seriously now. You can still get your act together at 35, but it's just that many more wasted years. It's a lot easier to look back at 40 and think "27 to 30 was a mess, but at least I tried to get out and meet someone" versus "27 to 30 was three more years of nothing".

    Remember Michael Jordan's advice, paraphrasing shots you take may land or miss, but shots you do not take are misses. I fell in love with a women when I was 29 we went on a few dates, moved in together, got engaged, got pregnant and eventually had two kids then she went crazy as fuck. I now live with the kids and her mom and she is with her girlfriend and on more antipsychotics then most pharmacies have on hand. Now I am trying the find my second girlfriend. I am 36 and she was my first serious girlfriend, I had a few dates here and there, never more then a hug goodnight.

    I am the nice guy girls want and moderate in the appearance Dept. My ex was with all the bad boys and fell for the nice guy, but she ended up cray cray. It's hard to give advice specifically on dating since it's really different for every person. Then I got into my 30s, the last of my close single friends got married, I had never been in a relationship, and I realized that I had a problem.

    In my 30s, I got bariatric surgery, where they removed 80 percent of my stomach. I lost pounds, thinking that was the problem. It is difficult to step outside myself, but in a nutshell, I blame my social anxiety and introverted personality. Kate, a year-old conservative writer who lives in Washington, D. I would say that the reasons evolved over time. We all deserve that. Everybody is there looking for something different, but I think that women get bombarded by so many messages that it becomes difficult for an ordinary guy to stand out.

    You can go without sex. Dating is about the same as anyone else looking for a potential partner who may be unwilling to have sex on the first date.

    What It's Like To Date As A 30-Something Virgin

    My dating life has its ups and downs. Sometimes I feel the need to online date, but then get tired of that and stop for a while. My relationship history, like that of a lot of other people in their 30s, is too long to recount. Handjobs giving and receiving. That can throw cold water over the whole situation. Most guys that I know or have dated are really supportive, and many even share my beliefs. I take care of my own orgasms. I use my fingers and toys.

    I would certainly want to wait until things became serious. I am looking for long-term love and hope to get married before sex. Someone who loves deeply, someone with hopes and dreams, and someone who cares for others and who treats others with respect and love. I have a decent, good life: Recognize that chastity in really is a mosh pit of opinions and experiences.

    Actually, I probably get the same reactions to my choices that hipsters do for theirs.